Flick! 3.2

Tool for artists to keep a record of works

Flick! is the ideal tool for artists looking to keep a record of their collections. View full description


  • Multiple views
  • Manage artwork and clients


  • Start menu a little lengthy
  • Interface can be a little confusing


Flick! is the ideal tool for artists looking to keep a record of their collections.

You can be mistaken in thinking that Flick! has something to do with Yahoo!

's photo sharing service, yet Flick! is completely different. Built specifically for artists, it lets keep lists of all your artworks and clients.

The application features six different views and shows artwork information like location, price and category. For clients you'll be able to add all sorts of information like address, phone number and even relationship.

Your lists can quickly be printed out or even exported.

Its fairly easy to add both clients and new pieces of art but we did find the user interface a little confusing, probably because of all the buttons and functions that appear at the top of the interface.

The start menu window you have to go through the first time you launch Flick! can take a bit of time too.

Even though the interface can seem a little confusing at first, Flick!


  • Fixed inconsistency on importing documents from previous versions of Flick. Fixed problem with editing second photograph associated with an artwork.

Artists know they should keep track of their artworks. But who has the time? Flick! helps you document all of your creations and includes the ability to record a wide range of data, far beyond the basics of medium, dimensions and date.

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Flick! 3.2